Donella "Donny" Lahey

A loner by nature; leader by choice.


Communication 4
Focus in Deception
Constitution 2
Cunning 4
Focus in Evaluation
Dexterity 3
Magic 1
Perception 3
Strength 2
Willpower 2

HP: 30
Defense: 13
Armor: 4
Speed: 13


To many she is just known simply as Donny. Her full name is only revealed to her enemies as she whispers it into their ear after she’s plunged her “Bitch Stick” (read: Dagger) deep into her quarry’s chest. She is deadly as her hair is red.

A Free Marcher from Kirkwall, she has some very strong views on mages, magic, and the Circle.

Donella "Donny" Lahey

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