The Inquisition is disbanded; the Wardens, exiled. With Corypheus dead, the Exalted Council at Val Royeux has deemed the Inquisition obsolete. Betrayed by his closest allies and threatened by old friends, the Inquisitor has retreated to Skyhold with his War Council and shut the gates. The Dragon Age, commonly known as the Age of Heroes, is at an end.

Rumors from the North spread of a mass exodus of mages from the Tevinter Imperium. Unknown to many, is whether it is an invasion tactic or an emigration from an even larger threat.

Meanwhile, a bar in Denerim is positioned to become a location bards will sing of for generations. A place of lies, rumors, and secrets, the Gilded Dwarf will be the start of something larger than it’s Hundred Ale Challenge. You are neither friend now foe to the other patrons as everyone has one thing in common: Ale. Tread lightly, you are as likely to get a free round as you are a black eye. Dust gathers and settles on the glasses, and the accommodations are less than, but the cold Antivan ale is always a welcome sight.

The seemingly disparate individuals: Donny, Culdreth, Valamar, Lilyana, Ollivier, and Vladus will heed the call either by righteous duty, greed, lust, or ale. But then again, not much escapes the gaze of the Fen’Harel.

Dragon Age: Twilight

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