Dragon Age: Twilight

Episode Three: The Mage with the Mouth

After our Avvar Barbarian made contact with a Revenant, the group sent it back to the Fade, along with most of the Gilded Dwarf.

The group then found an enchanted door which was being held together by Thorne’s daughter, Kaylynn. As an apostate, Thorne had kept her secret from all but Donny. Alone and afraid of the “monster in her closet”, Kaylynn is told by Vlad that it’d be safer if she left her home and refused the Circle.

As the sunlight beams in catching the dust and debris from their battle with the Revenant, the group discusses what their next action will be: Hunt down the Harbor Master that is trafficking Elven Orphans, or investigate the unusual happenings at Ryon’s farmstead.

Then again, the conversation was stopped short by Vlad and Culdreth’s infernal bickering. The words “Little Man” and “Oafish Brute” were thrown around a few times.

Before another brawl broke out in the now defunct Gilded Dwarf, Ollivier silenced Vladus with succinct shield bash rendering him unconscious.

Uneasy by the fact that Vlad had taken keen interest in Thorne’s daugheter Kaylynn, Ollivier runs after her to inquire further. Meanwhile Culdreth and Donny help themselves to what basically amounts to free ale from broken taps.

Valamar and Lilianna discuss in Elvish the meaning of the arrival of their Templar friend.

Episode One: Denerim Disturbed

It’s magic hour in Denerim, the sun is setting, the hustle and bustle of the merchant square dies down, and people close up the shutters to their homes.

As the last bit of light cascades out of sight and the candles are lit, Donny comes barreling into the Gilded Dwarf. Likely giving the slip to the local patrol for purloining a hefty bag of gold, the bar owner Thorne Kinslow knows that any patron is a good patron. He offers up an ale to quench her thirst, on-the-house of course.

Donny sits at the bar while the Elvish barmaid Velathara hustles and bustles rapidly among the Gilded Dwarf’s many guests. Giving particular attention to the needy Avvar whose mug must never empty, Velathara is also haphazardly taking food orders. Clearly overwhelmed, she asks if Donny would be willing to sit and make nice with the Avvar. Following the food and ale, Donny does not object. In between gulps and chewing the mutton off the bone, the towering goliath of a man introduces himself as Culdreth.

While she makes her way around, Velathara takes notice of two Elves who recently entered. As there are no seats currently available, she shows them to the large round table where Donny and Culdreth are seated. Giving each other wary glances, Valamar and Lilyana reluctantly sit, exhausted from their travels.

As the night goes on and the candle wax drips to the floor, it appears that only a handful of people are left in the Gilded Dwarf. The table of strangers seem to be growing in their acquaintance. Polite conversation, stories, and laughter echo throughout the night, aided by a healthy serving of ale. As Velathara goes to deliver the bill, the typically quiet Lilyana, reaches out a hand and takes the arm of the fragile Elf and inquires as to the nature of her sadness.

Taken aback, Velathara speaks to her in Elvish. Constantly apologetic, Velathara begs for aid as she suspects there is something very wrong in the Alienage; an Elven ghetto within Denerim, the elves are relegated to a part of the town where everything runs downhill. Visas are required for the coming and going of elves and curfew will soon be in effect. Velathara speaks of missing children and asks if the group is capable of investigating further. Velathara turns out her pockets and pays all she has to her name, simply to get some answers.

The adventurers gather their gear and head out toward the Alienage.


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